Case Studies

Case Report I:

Prasad is a 39 year old lottery seller living in a small village in south of India. He is unmarried and lives with his mother. In 2012 Prasad has a swelling on his lower limbs and went to a nearby hospital for treatment. After his blood analysis his doctor referred him to the Medical College hospital for further investigation. The investigation results are very dissappointing for Prasad. He is diagnosed with stage five chronic kidney disease and needs kidney transplant.

Prasad started on continuous haemodialysis on alternative days with the support of local people. His condition improved but his doctors suggested kidney transplant or continue dialysis life long. He lost his interest in life because of his poor financial backup. Fortunately he met one of our member, who is also a native. Hearing Prasad's story, he is asked to approach Sharing Care for support his kidney transplant. This gave hope to Prasad and he started searching for a kidney donor. He was in contact with Kidney Federation of India, a non-profit organisation promotes organ donation and found a suitable donor. 

Sharing Care assured our financial support for the kidney transplant. A local club and wellwishers also came forward to support him. Prasad undergone the kidney transplant surgery on January 2014 and recovered well.

Case Report II:

Markose, aged 52 years was working in abroad for twenty years. Markose's family includes wife, two children and his mother. His two children are studying and his mother is suffering from asthma. He is the only earning member and the family is totally depending on his income. Markose suffered a massive heart attack in 2010 and returned to India for further treatment. When he attended hospital in India the doctors were more worried about his kidneys rather than heart. One of his kidneys is totally dysfunctional and the other one is partly affected. He is diagnosed as total end stage renal failure. 

He started on continuous dialysis, 2-3 times a week. Since he is suffering from uncontrolled high blood pressure the doctors are unable to do a kidney transplant. The family spend all their savings and earnings for his treatment. Some of his friends and relatives extended their support to Markose. Continuous dialysis is the only life saving support available to Markose. He needs long term financial support to continue the treatment.

Markose approached Sharing Care through a priest working in Ireland. One of the member of Sharing Care who is India on holidays visited Markose and family to asses the case. Considering the disease condition, the cost of the treatment, financial status of the family and the dependents, we decided to support Markose. He is still on continuous dialysis.